Bankruptcy Tax Returns

Let TRG meet your compliance requirements for tax filings in your bankruptcy cases. Let us determine if and when bankruptcy tax returns are required.

The Trustee Resource Group is a regional firm led by CPAs and a Chapter 7 trustee who has developed a national bankruptcy presence. Through our years of experience we have acquired insolvency contacts at both the federal and state level.

TRG can review, prepare and file the bankruptcy estate tax returns. We understand the Trustee’s responsibility, and we know the IRS requirements. Let us assist in making the bankruptcy tax returns filing flow smoothly.

As a regional CPA firm, we have gained the experience on complex tax issues, and we have experience with various types of industries.

Here are some examples of services that we provide:

  • Review prior year tax returns for:Work directly with the debtor, attorneys, IRS insolvency agents, and prior CPAs. TRG has direct contacts with IRS insolvency agents and various state treasury contacts.
    • 3 year review of accounting and tax records for possible refunds
    • Attribute Carryovers – the estate supersedes the debtor
    • NOL Carrybacks
  • Review of administrative expenses for deductibility on the bankruptcy estate’s tax return
  • In addition to the federal return, TRG is able to file all state returns
  • Timely filing of returns
  • Knowledge of the bankruptcy tax code
  • Consulting

With TRG, you get all the advantages of working with people well versed in the bankruptcy tax code, and who share their knowledge with those in insurance and accounting to the benefit of the Trustee and the estate.